Related events

May 13th

14:00-17:30 We encourage all MEPDaW attendees to join the special session and panel on Web preservation at the 9th Temporal Web Analytics Workshop. Location: Waterfront A

May 14th

9:00-12:30 We encourage all MEPDaW attendees to join the 9th Temporal Web Analytics Workshop. Location: Waterfront A

Official program

May 14th

Location: Waterfront A

14:00-14:10 Welcome and introduction by organizers
14:10-15:00 Keynote by Laure Berti-Équille: ML-Based Knowledge Graph Curation: Current Solutions and Challenges
15:00-15:35 First Session
  • Conflict Detection, Avoidance, and Resolution in a Non-Linear RDF Version Control System: The Quit Editor Interface Concurrency Control
    Natanael Arndt (AKSW Leipzig Univ.); Norman Radtke (AKSW Leipzig Univ.)
  • Decentralized Collaborative Knowledge Management using Git (Extended Abstract*)
    Natanael Arndt (AKSW Leipzig Univ.); Patrick Naumann (AKSW Leipzig Univ.); Norman Radtke (AKSW Leipzig Univ.); Michael Martin (AKSW Leipzig Univ.); Edgard Marx (AKSW Leipzig Univ.)
  • Open traffic lights: a strategy for publishing and preserving traffic lights data
    Brecht Van de Vyvere (Ghent Univ.); Pieter Colpaert (Ghent Univ.); Erik Mannens (Ghent Univ.); Ruben Verborgh (Ghent Univ.)
15:35-16:00 Coffee break
16:00-17:00 Second Session
  • TISCO: Temporal Scoping of Facts (Extended Abstract*)
    Anisa Rula (Univ. Milano-Bicocca); Matteo Palmonari (Univ. Milano-Bicocca); Simone Rubinacci (Univ. Oxford); Axel-Cyrille Ngonga Ngomo (Paderborn Univ.); Jens Lehmann (Univ. Bonn); Andrea Maurino (Univ. Milano-Bicocca); Diego Esteves (Univ. Bonn);
  • RDF Graph Stores as Convergent Datatype Instances
    James Anderson (Datagraph GmbH)
  • Modelling the Provenance of Linked Data Interlinks for the Library Domain
    Lucy McKenna (ADAPT, Trinity College Dublin); Christophe Debruyne (ADAPT, Trinity College Dublin); Declan O’Sullivan (ADAPT, Trinity College Dublin)
  • Summarizing Entity Temporal Evolution in Knowledge Graphs
    Mayesha Tasnim (RWTH Aachen); Diego Collarana (Fraunhofer IAIS); Damien Graux (Fraunhofer IAIS); Fabrizio Orlandi (ADAPT, Trinity College Dublin); Maria-Esther Vidal (Univ. Simon Bolivar and TIB)
17:00-17:40 Debate/forum and closing remarks

(*) These papers are invited extended abstracts from the Special Issue of the Journal of Web Semantics on Managing the Evolution and Preservation of the Data Web.

If you plan to attend, please register to the workshop at the Web Conference 2019.